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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Gear Review

Wilderness & Remote First Aid
A very important little red bag: My day pack revealed. Total weight, ten pounds.

The contents are as follows:

4 hand warmers
1 large tube of CakeMate
1 package of Jello
2 coffee bags
6 instant coffee
6 large black garbage bags
1 space blanket
6 Moist towellette
1 large moist towel
1 4 sec marine flare
3 pen-type flares
2 bear banger flares
1 5-0 nylon suture
1 1cc Syringe
1 3cc Syringe
1 21g 1.5 Needle (sterile)
1 18g 1.5 Needle (sterile)
1 25g 5/8ths Needle (sterile)
1 18g IV Catheder
6 pairs nitrile gloves
2 biohazard bags
1 tweezers
1 sewing kit (6x needle & thread)
1 laedral face sheild
1 spf50 sunscreen stick
20 alchool swabs
12 matches
6 cooling towellette
10 benzalkonium chloride antiseptic towelletes
6 lidocaine hydrochloride towellette (sting relief)
6 Benzoin Tincture swabsticks
2 tea bags
1 safety pin
1 small compass w/mirror
1 bottle germicidal drinking water tablets
1 blue marker, permanent
1 pencil
50 ft pink marking tape
1 tube Polysporin
1 tube Afterbite
2 large Triangulars bandages
2 large absorbent pads
30 2in gauze pads
4 large bandaid
50 ft 4in elastic bandage
20 ft 3in absorbent bandage
1 4x4in pressure bandage
2 large plain wound dressing
20 ft 2in absorbent bandage
1 Wilderness & Remote First Aid field guide
1 St Johns Ambulance First Aid guide
4 rolls various medical adhesive tape...

Mess Kit - Survival Foodstuffs
This kit contains:

Garlic Powder
Curry Powder
Barley (1.5 cups)
Dried apricots
Chicken Stock cubes
Miso Soup (dried)
Sesame seeds
Dried peas (1/4 cups)
Lentils (1/2 cup)
Iced Tea mix
Cereal bars
Green tea
Lemon tea
Mash Potatoes (3/4 cup dried)
Sunflower seeds
Rice (1 cup)
Cajun Spice
Chili powder
Coffee whitener
Veg Soup Mix (1 cup)

Heat & Serve: (these can be heated using only hand-warmers)

Peas & Potato Curry
Vegetable Rice Pilaf
Vegetable Byranny

Just Add Boiling Water:

Lentil Soup
Minestrone with pasta
Vegetarian Chili
Spicy Black Bean Soup
Cream of Chicken Cupasoup (3)
2 Knorr soup packages

If you repackage for easier travel, make sure you pay attention to the best before dates on the perishable foods. Write these on the new packages.

Dehydrated foods can keep indefinitely, but have to be kept very dry.

Fishing Supplies
3 foam floats
1 large foam bobber
6 lead sinkers
6 flies
3 spinners
1 plastic bobber
20 feet orange marking tape
various lengths fishing line
1 compressed towel

Extended Camping Kit
This is my extended camping gear. Typically I will travel with these items spread out through my drybags, with my sleeping bag, clothes, etc.

These include:

Fire paste
Wax fire blocks
Fire spark stick
small pot
plastic cup
tinned food
small first aid kit
bug spray
coleman fan (holds two batteries, small motor)
Tea brewing stick
fishing lure
"turtle" light
extra compass
space blanket
large carabiner (for hanging food away from animals)
small crystal radio & earpeice
boyant rope
hand warmers
plastic drop sheet (instant shelter!)
glow sticks
citronella tea candles
extra stove fuel

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