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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MacDonald Bridge rappel for Easter Seals

Please help sponsor my MacDonald Bridge rappel for Easter Seals
Dear Survival Colleagues,
On October 2nd 2010, I will be joining a force of elite fundraisers in support of Nova Scotia Easter Seals, by rappelling from the MacDonald Bridge.

As an industrial photographer, I have had unusual access to the bridge for a number of years. I am excited to have been chosen to participate in the ZipZone for Easter Seals!

Easter Seals Nova Scotia’s Zip Zone is an extreme outdoor adventure where participants climb the Macdonald bridge’s 16-story Dartmouth tower (337.69 feet above the water) then rappel down to the pedestrian sidewalk on the bridge deck.

Each rappeller must raise a minimum of $3000 in pledges that funds Easter Seals Nova Scotia programs for Nova Scotian children and adults with physical disabilities – that include camp experiences, job skills training, and providing mobility equipment. All proceeds go directly to these programs.

So please, help me raise money for Nova Scotia Easter Seals, and for the children who benefit from their programs.

Follow the link above to access the online sponsorship.

Nova Scotia Easter Seals is a Registered Canadian Charity.

Many Thanks,

Dan Robichaud

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